Sewage treatment systems in Queensland

We make the most of your waste…

…for any size business or community, Qld Water Solutions can meet the wastewater and sewage treatment needs for small commercial projects with just a few people to large scale commercial operations. We can overcome almost any sewage treatment constraint faced by remote and island communities, hospitals, mining and construction camps, abattoirs, agro-food industries, for as few as 4 people to communities of up to 16,000 people.

Qld Water Solutions offers two main wastewater and sewage treatment options depending on the project scale and number of people the commercial or household sewage treatment solution needs to service. Both sewage systems are ideal for treating wastewater from communities including villages, hotels, housing estates, residential buildings, schools, offices, campgrounds which are not connected to the municipal drainage network. We offer our commercial and household sewage systems in Queensland and across Australia.

  • The Oxyfix® / SAFF (Submerged Aerated Fixed Film) technology: is suited to treating wastewater generated by small to medium size communities with populations from 4 to 600 people.
  • The Airoxy® / SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor) technology: this type of technology is called SBR activated mud technology and is best suited for larger communities with populations ranging from 100 to 2,000 people. It uses a biological treatment process that complies with local requirements. Air is injected into the biological reactor stirring the sewage while feeding oxygen to bacteria that circulate freely in the mixed liquor resulting in effluent that can be safely discharged into the environment.

Qld Water Solutions Oxyfix® / SAFF for small to medium communities. Features and benefits include:

  • Permanent, transportable ‘plug and play’ and cast-on-site options in association with Eloy Water.
  • Available in kit form that can be fitted inside any suitable tank, whether cast on site, locally manufactured or existing
  • Conforms to the highest standards – AS/NZS 1546.03
  • Versatile and easily adapted kits to overcome local site requirements and constraints, such as high transport costs; remote access or existing tank capacity
  • Expert advice, drawings and design calculations for cast-on-site

Click here for model specifications and product information for projects involving:

  • less than 5 people
  • less than 12 people
  • less than 17 people
  • less than 21 people
  • less than 27 people
  • less than 58 people
  • less than 75 people
  • less than 100 people

For more than 100 people please refer to the Airoxy® wastewater treatment system.

Qld Water Solutions Airoxy® Wastewater Treatment System for medium to large communities; features and benefits include:

  • can be applied to medium communities ranging from 100 to 2,000 people and adapted to cater for larger communities of up to 16,000 people
  • Airoxy Systems can be buried out of sight or open to the atmosphere
  • unlike a conventional activated sludge process, all operations take place sequentially in a single tank.
    • easy to install with a limited footprint
    • adaptable to varying site conditions
  • easily integrated into existing drainage networks: feeding of the reactor by pumping, high output, etc.
  • easy operation
  • ability to adapt treatment volumes and aeration cycles depending on fluctuations in the pollutant load
  • support of temporary overloads
  • remote management and alarms transmission by SMS and emails
  • low environmental impact – can be completely buried, is noiseless and without odour
  • cost effective and reliable
  • low power consumption
  • Self-monitoring process – automatic management in partnership with Siemens

Options include:

  • bar screens
  • dissolved oxygen probe: optimal oxygen supply, reduced mechanical wear of the blower, low power consumption
  • buffer tank reducing the negative effects associated with peaks flows and ensuring adequate dwell time
  • pumping station integrated into the buffer tank

Talk to Qld Water Solutions today about the commercial or household sewage treatment systems and solutions that are best suited to your business or residence. Whether you want effective workplace or household sewage treatment in Queensland or anywhere else in Australia, talk to us about the availability of our solutions in your area.