Aquamem Series

Queensland Water Solutions offers a whole range of compact and modular  Ultra Filtration Treatment Systems, suitable to produce Drinking Water, Process Water, to Filter Pool Water and to Recycle Waste Water from Waste Treatment Plants for Households, Hospitals, Municipalities and Small or large communities, for Service Stations, Hydroponic farms and Nurseries, Food Processors, Restaurants, Resorts, Hotels, Apartment Buildings and the Agro-Food Industries.

They are easy to install and use, cost effective and low maintenance. Production rates from as little as 3 litres per hour, to 500 l/hour to 5000 litres per hour and to 100,000 lites or more per hour.

Queensland water solutions also offers Point-of-Entry and  Point-of-Use filters including anti-legionnella and anti-bacteria filters to Hospitals and Health Care Facilities.


  • High performance Polysulfone Fibres
  • Outside-in filtration technology
  • Will treat any type of water
  • Pore sizes of < 0.01 microns achieves
  • Permeate turbidity of 0.1 NTU
  • Filters out 99.9999% of all micro-organisms and 99.99% of viruses