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Merus Water Conditioning System

Merus Water Conditioning System


Merus chemical-free water conditionner

This Chemical Free Water Conditioner reduces and/or eliminates limescale, corrosion, algae and biofilm without relying on harsh chemicals. Instead, the oscillation patterns that Merus has developed alter the physical properties of the substances contained in the water. The MERUS ring modifies water to the effect that the solubility of all soluble ingredients in the water is increased so lime and other salts do not crystallize like they would normally; oxygen does not react with iron to rust. MERUS induces an aquatic environment where the elements remain dissolved in the water and are flushed out of the system with the water.This is an innovative, efficient way to prevent limescale buildup while not altering the taste or safety of water.


  • Compact, cost effective and maintenance free.
  • Reduces or eliminates different kind of corrosion, limescale, biofilm, algae, bacteria and marine growth.
  • Fits all size pipes from 1/2″ to 80″ (DN 15 to DN 2000)
  • Numerous proven case studies demonstrated over 20 year period
  • Performance guarantee
  • Customised studies and recommendations from The Merus engineering and design department
  • Five (5) year Manufacturer’s Warrantee
  • Can be installed on concrete, plastic or an metal pipework
  • Optimises heat exchange efficiencies.
  • Prolongs service life of your equipment.
  • Reduces microbial hazards.
  • Lowers chemical usage.
  • Reduces maintenance costs.

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